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Talented Professionals Working Towards One Goal

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Founder, President & CEO

Crystal Lou is a Capital Raising & Executive Business Development Leader. She is the Founder/CEO/COO of CLou Capital. A Real Estate Investment and Development firm. She adds 10X Value To Your Life & Businesses she works with. Her business card reads a lot of different titles as you can see, but if you look carefully for the fine print, you'll see Corporate Fairy Godmother spelled out in invisible ink. 

Whatever you need, just know, "It's Handled." 

As she grew up, she took her desire to create magic and give life to others' dreams. Helping people and making a positive impact in the communities she's built up to companies that have needed guidance and capital to prosper. Crystal's goal is to help everyone she works with and the strategic partners she works side by side with to make a difference and a positive impact in the communities she serves. It turned out to be her calling in life. 

In every role she has had for the past 17 years, she has embraced her "magical" skill set. She has found great success in leveraging her talents in her life.

No one remembers the Fairy Godmother, just the beauty and elegance she fabricated. She stands proudly by her teams, gaining success, and feeling accomplished when we are effective and empowered together. 

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Executive Assistant

Since 2020, this team member has helped shape the success of our business. No matter what is asked of them, Jordan Parker is always on-hand to keep the project on track.

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