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Talented Professionals Working Towards One Goal

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Founder, President & CEO

Do you need help scaling and growing your business and real estate portfolio? Well, that’s where she comes into play. Her name is Crystal Lou. Her business card reads a lot of different titles, but if you look carefully for the fine print, you'll see Corporate Fairy Godmother spelled out in invisible ink. 

You ask, Why does she believe in what she does? What makes her stand out from everyone else? Well, let me start from the beginning. From a very young age, she knew she was different from everyone else, not because she had a gymnast suit on at the age of 5 doing backhand springs in her mom’s living room. (Thank you, mom.) But, her friends always wanted to play the role of the pretty princess, a damsel in distress. Crystal, on the other hand, wanted to be the Fairy Godmother who saved the day. The one who made it all happen behind the scenes – she owned that story like a boss.

As she grew up, she took her desire to create magic and give life to others' dreams. She was then given incredible opportunities throughout her career as a CEO / CFO /CMO / Chief of Staff / Officer / Board Member, and helping companies from being in the red to profiting turned out to be her calling in life. 

In every role she has had for the past 17 years, she has embraced her "magical" skill-set. She has found great success in leveraging her talents in her career. 

No one remembers the Fairy Godmother, just the beauty and elegance she fabricated. She stands proudly by her teams, gaining success, and feeling accomplished when we are effective and empowered together.

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Executive Assistant

Since 2000, this team member has helped shape the success of our business. No matter what is asked of them, Jordan Parker is always on-hand to keep the project on track.

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Land & Planning Director

For many years, our team of experts has contributed to the company’s most coveted projects. Kris Ward is a respected industry figure and has been instrumental in raising the CLou Capital LLC profile. We are proud to have them on the team.

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